Andrew HemstockTechnician

    As a Technician, Andrew Hemstock provides technical support to all aspects of the rigs and equipment, including maintenance, development and experimental testing to support the delivery of research projects.

    His role includes actively supporting experimental work, including carrying out routine operations of equipment and recording data, operational maintenance, and supporting experimental work. His work involves liaising with site stakeholders regarding current and future work, providing advice and guidance on a range of technical issues.

    He also supports the design, development, manufacture, installation, commission, maintenance, service and repair of experimental rigs; including routine and unplanned maintenance/repair to ensure availability of equipment.

    Andrew has a strong manufacturing background with over 30 years of experience working for the University and is proficient in the use of all workshop equipment, for example milling machines, lathes and welding equipment. He also has 7 years of experience working for the PACT Research Centre, the forerunner to the Translational Energy Research Centre.